"This blog is well laid out, and has some great pictures (love the Rubenesque women). The prose, grammar and punctuation are excellent. This is a serious blog, and not one to browse quickly - it deserves to be read thoroughly - and then you need time to think about what you have read as this is thought-provoking stuff. Written from a post-modern feminist perspective that asks challenging questions of how we construct and perceive our social world. One article explores bloodsports as eroticism and I immediately thought of the iconic Ava Gardener, infamous for her sexual appetite and love of the bullring and its fighters - does the endorsement of such a high profile figure engender aspiration in the masses and thereby ratify bloodsports? Another article explores the Beautiful People dating site and whether this is a modern day slant on eugenics - "physiological apartheid!" The 'Lolicon' article I find disturbing but agree this is a current trend. The quality of the writing is such that I am confident some of the material can be used as discussion pieces for social science students to explore social issues and trends, societal norms and constructionism as a transient process."

Juliana Matthews is a writer/lecturer in management, social care and personal development, and is currently reviewing a series of blogs as a piece of research on communication. Her websites are: Conversations with Elderly Care, Personal Growth and Life Balance, and The English Country Kitchen.